Postgraduate studies_International

I.U.T d'Allier allows its students to pursue their studies abroad thanks to the following diplomas:

For many years the I.U.T has established and continues to establish positive relations with international partner institutions through different exchange programmes.

Erasmus partners

Belgium: KATHO - University College, Kortrijk (Courtrai)
Germany: Hochschule Regensburg (Ratisbonne)
Spain: Universidad Politécnica Cartagena, Murcia (Murcie)
UK: Moray College, Elgin (Ecosse)
Ireland: Institute of Technology, Sligo
Romania: Université Babeș-Bolyai de Cluj Napoca
The Erasmus scheme allows students to study abroad (3 months – academic year) in an institution from a member country of the European Union in addition to countries such as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Croatia and Turkey.

Bilateral exchanges

Bilateral exchanges pave the way to different destinations around the world. There are more than 120 different partners. Please check the 'International' section of the website of the Université Blaise Pascal in order to choose a destination according to the degree being studied.


The CREPUQ programme allows students to pursue part of their studies in a partner institution in Québec (3 months – academic year). The majority of member universities of this programme are French-speaking, only three are English-speaking.
NB: all exchange choices are subject to a selection process.

Exchanges outside of existing agreements

The Université Blaise Pascal enables students to go on exchange to higher education establishments, with which Université Blaise Pascal has connections outside its existing agreements as is the case with the University of Coventry and University of the Sunshine Coast, in the UK and in Australia respectively.