Partnerships with companies and socio-economic environments are placed at the heart of I.U.T.'s education system. The I.U.T tries to develop a learning approach based on field practice, project management and internships and it is, therefore, presented in many forms:

Professional workers' collaboration

Teaching teams constitute an influential proportion of professional workers, company or public services executives, retail traders in a variety of fields such as: Industrial Technology and Science, Communication, Human Resources Management, Law, Marketing, Economy, Quality Control, etc.


By taking up internships, students are offered the opportunity to put into practice all the skills learned in the I.U.T. in order to enhance their experience, which often plays a decisive role in their future employability. Each year, DUT-level students and 'Licence Professionnelle'-level students take up internships of several weeks or months.


DUT and 'Licence Professionnelle' students devote a significant part of their education to the development of projects. A number of tasks are set by different companies leading to a win-win situation.

Life-long learning

The I.U.T. helps to improve the efficiency of partner companies thanks to tailored training schemes. Whatever the field, all schemes can be customised, upgraded and improved to the workers' specific needs.