Sports and Cultural activities

Sports: a healthy approach!

I.U.T d'Allier enables students to take part in sporting activities (not compulsory but may contribute positively to the final grades) on the three campuses of Montluçon, Moulins and Vichy, whatever the aim: competition or leisure!
The French Federation of University Sports (FFSU) invites students to get involved in sports including: rugby, swimming, fencing, football, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, cross-country, athletics, triathlon, badminton, target-shooting, archery, climbing, skiing, squash, sailing, dancing, canoeing, golf, cycling, horse riding, table tennis, rowing, gymnastics, combat sports, etc.
I.U.T d'Allier participates in all departmental, regional and national university competitions.

Drama: "All the world is a stage..."

Since 1995 I.U.T d'Allier, on Montluçon's campus, has offered students the opportunity to take part in theatrical activities. This workshop belongs to the University Cultural Department of University Blaise Pascal and collaborates with the National Drama Centre (CDN) Le Fracas, based in Montluçon. The workshop is supervised by lecturers and hosted by a professional artistic panellist recommended by the CDN. He can be an actor or sometimes a film director.
The workshops are run fortnightly, from October to April, and offer a variety of themes from year to year (e.g. adaptation and staging of two 'Metamorphoses', by poet Ovid, workshop led by Christophe Bihel, with the collaboration of Petit Théâtre Dâkoté). Projects enable students to practise other aspects of theatre, such as sound, lighting, stage management, as well as how to deal with the public relations sector.
The workshop performs its work in public, be it a presentation about working stages or a show. The academic year and the workshop go hand-in-hand when it comes to timetables. Performances take place in April, just before students take up their internships.
Throughout the entire year, students regularly interact with professionals at the CDN in order to broaden their understanding of this art.

Day Time Place
Thursday 2 PM -> 5 PM Communication romm in GLT department