Exchange Programmes

At I.U.T. d'Allier we consider learning about the world and its many cultures and languages an investment into our students' futures. For this reason, they are strongly encouraged to study or work abroad.

Internships abroad

For all courses across all departments, students have the opportunity to complete their compulsory internship (a duration of 2-4 months) abroad.
As a student, you may be eligible for grants to help finance your internship abroad. Grants may be provided by Erasmus , the Communauté d'Agglomération de Montluçon, or the International Relations Services (IUT d'Allier and Université Blaise Pascal).

Study abroad

After obtaining a university degree or diploma, students have the opportunity to complete their postgraduate studies at one of our partner institutions abroad, whether under the European Erasmus Programme or not.
Our partner institutions include universities and institutes in England, Belgium, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Romania.
I.U.T. d'Allier students completing their studies abroad will receive a personalised welcome and help throughout the academic year from the partner university/institute to ensure a successful academic experience abroad.

Welcoming International Students to I.U.T.

International students are welcome to I.U.T. d'Allier to complete part of their course.
They will benefit from personal mentoring provided by staff and students at I.U.T. d'Allier.