I.U.T. d'Allier is comprised of 7 departments, spread over our 3 campuses:

 Each department offers their own University Diploma in Technology (DUT).

  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing
  • Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • Department of Thermal Engineering and Energy
  • Department of Multimedia and Communication
  • Department of Logistics Management and Transport
  • Department of Business and Marketing
  • Department of Quality Control


Our multi-disciplinary Institution enables us to provide a range of Bachelor-degree level programmes. All Bachelor-level degrees are awarded after the third year of study or after obtaining 180 ETCS. We are pleased to offer 14 national courses (available in most French universities) and 4 courses specific to our university:

National Degree Programmes (Licence Pro)

  • LP MMS Metallurgy-Structuring-Wielding
  • LP RADS Audio-visual Design and Sound Engineering
  • LP CM Mechanical Design
  • LP TOSPI Object and Service Oriented Technology for IT Projects
  • LP BEPCB Energy Positive Building and Wood Construction
  • LP LOGIN Information Technology and Logistics
  • LP RPG3ER Electricity and Electronics
  • LP MATIS B to B Marketing for Industry and Services
  • LP ARIVE Automatic Control Systems, Industrial Networking, Vision and Ergonomics
  • LP ISAM Marketing and International Projects
  • LP CAGC Thermal Engineering Development and Management
  • LP ETR Management of Small Companies
  • LP AQ Quality Control Officer/Supervisor 


I.U.T. Degree Programmes (Diplôme Universitaire):

  • DU MACI Applied Marketing and International Trade
  • DU ETI International Technological Studies
  • DUS MERIS Environment, Industrial Risk and Safety Management
  • DU MRC Risk and Crisis Management