Bursaries and more help_International

When going abroad to study, as part of an exchange programme, you can receive one or several bursaries taking into account your destination and type of agreement.

Bursary holders keep their national bursary whilst studying abroad, even if they receive an additional grant.

I. M.E.N Mobility supplement

Only grant holders can receive this help for a period of two months; nine months if the student is completing professional progression as part of their 'Licence' or Master. Diplomas such as DUMACI or DUETI are not eligible for this type of financial aid.
How much will I receive? Monthly payments of €400 will be made. The fixed monthly payment can vary depending on the student's situation. However, the student will receive a minimum of two payments.
Students may receive this grant if they are taking internships in companies.

II. ERASMUS – Studies

Only students taking part in an Erasmus exchange programme will receive the grant. The duration of their exchange should last between 3 and 12 months. Students are required to pass all exams from the partner university.
Students can only receive this grant once throughout their professional training.
How much will I receive? Monthly payments of €160 will be made for the entire duration of the internship/exchange.

III. Auvergne Regional Council

All students going on exchange for a minimum of nine weeks, as part of their 'Licence', Master, DUT, DU or approved professional progression, are eligible for this form of grant.
How much will I receive? A payment of €500 per year will be made.

IV. Grant given by the city of Clermont-Ferrand

The city of Clermont-Ferrand offers these grants to students having modest incomes and going to cities such as:

Aberdeen (Scotland) / Braga (Portugal) / Gomel (The Republic of Belarus) / Norman (United States) / Oviedo (Spain) / Regensburg (Germany) / Salford (England)
All applications are submitted at the end of January.
How much will I receive? The payment can reach up to €2000 per internship.

V. Université Blaise Pascal – International Relations Services

The university's International Relations Services (IRS) financial help may be held concurrently with Auvergne Regional Council grants. IRS grants seek to support students going abroad who are not grant holders or who do not go on exchange under the Erasmus programme. The amount to be paid may vary taking into account destination.
How much will I receive? On average €166 may be paid if the exchange takes place in Europe, reaching €276 if the exchange is outside the European Union.

VI. General Council of Allier

The region of Auvergne helps students under 26 whose parents live in Allier (and thus their household income is also in Allier). Students wishing to apply for this bursary should:

  • Pursue their studies in a public or private institution in the Auvergne region
  • Pursue their studies or complete compulsory internships abroad

The bursary will be granted for an internship or a period of study of 10 weeks minimum – 36 weeks maximum by submitting an assessment of the household income.
All applications for the current academic year must be submitted via the Allier General Council website from 17th September to 30th January of the next year. Late applications will not be considered.
All students will only receive the Students' Support Funds three times throughout the total duration of their studies.

VII. Other help

The Community of Montluçon, aware of the importance of I.U.T.'s international profile, provides a subsidy with which I.U.T is able to fund the exchanges of a certain number of students.
Students can apply for other types of bursaries according to their level of study, their degree and their host country.
We advise you to apply as early as possible.
Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for guidance in the completion of the forms (click the 'partir étudier à l'étranger' section).
For more information, please visit the Université Blaise Pascal webpage and click on 'International'.