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The Allier University-Institute of Technology (I.U.T. d'Allier) is part of the University Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand II, and has 3 different campuses situated in the region of Auvergne in the towns of Montluçon, Moulins and Vichy.

Welcoming over 1000 students every year, including an increasingly large number of international students, the I.U.T. d'Allier specialises in learning from both practical and theoretical teaching methods. The theoretical points associated with the courses, taught by both lecturers and working professionals in each field, are combined with hands-on training. This unique approach to teaching, including integrated internships, ensures smooth entry into future employment.

Students of the I.U.T. d'Allier have the opportunity to achieve a DUT (Higher National Diploma equivalent) in 2 years, a Licence Professionnelle (Bachelor's Degree equivalent) and a DU (University Diploma) in 3 years, in 7 different fields of study and with the added advantage of work experience.

In addition to these opportunities, at I.U.T. all students have:

  • Course and internship opportunities abroad with our partner institutions
  • Companies participating in I.U.T. research labs
  • Access to a specialised library on each campus
  • Sports and theatre incorporated into the course schedule and contributions to the final grade
  • Accommodation and cafeteria on the I.U.T. campus

The I.U.T. d'Allier actively encourages student experience abroad, and has several partner institutions across Europe. Furthermore, personal mentoring is provided as additional support to incoming foreign students, including to those who do not speak French.

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